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July 9, 2018

Deadline to Register is June 18th

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Members: You must be Signed In with your current Membership account. Do not create a new user account. If  you have any questions, email us: Edit your Profile with current info HERE. Payments are by Credit or Debit card;  You do NOT need to become a member of Paypal to use this feature.

School Systems: Each attendee must update their AASN profile or if they are not a member, they must create one. Then they must read the Terms & Conditions below to Register (individually). Once the profiles are updated/submitted for each attendee that you are paying for, then you may go HERE to create your invoice for payment. Choose your school from the provided list and then enter the PO number given to you and submit the form. Once the form is submitted you will see your invoice. If there is someone on your invoice that is not suppose to be on there, then check the box next to their name and click the submit button and they will be removed from then invoice. Once you have double checked the invoice you then have two options. You can click the button "Print Invoice to Pay by Check" and print your invoice and send in a check, or you can click "Pay by Card" and pay with debit or credit card through Paypal. You do NOT need to become a member of Paypal to use this feature.

ATTENDEES - REGISTER BELOW (after reading Terms & Conditions) 

Deadline for Registration is June 18.


You must agree to our Terms and Conditions to register:

AASN Event Terms and Conditions

All attendees must register and pay online, AASN does not accept personal checks. Online registration only. AASN reserves the right to change program content at its discretion.


In the event a school system wishes to register their nurses a group registration process will be available. AASN will accept PO’s and school system or corporation checks.

Refund Policy

Cancellation request must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to conference and subject to CE Committee approval. We have 30 days to refund. A $10.00 processing fee will be administered. In the event an unforeseeable event occurs such as illness or death occurs, the participant must notify AASN by emailing Jenni Jones, Treasurer at, The CE committee must approve refund.

Awarding of CE Hours

Awarding Continuing education hours

  • Requirements to receive continuing education hours are made known in writing to attendees of CE event. 
  • Each attendee must sign in each day at registration area
  • Each attendee must swipe their nurse’s license at the end of the last session of each day of CE event.
  • Each attendee must swipe their own license
  • There are no partial day contact hour’s awarded.  Attendees must attend all sessions per day to obtain contact hours for the event.
  • CEU’s will be loaded and sent to ABN by 6 weeks from event.


Electronic submission of records to the ABN

  1. All continuing education events will be electronically submitted within 6 weeks from event by CE chairman who is responsible for transferring the information on the Tricorder to the computer.
  2. A completed sign in sheet is required for all CE events.   CE chairman will verify swiped information from Tricorder against sign in sheet.

By continuing with my Registration, I agree to AASN Terms and Conditions. CLICK TO REGISTER